About Us

With over forty five years experience in four states, we at SunCoast Elevator are accustom to overcoming nearly every obstacle known to the industry.

SunCoast Elevator is licensed by the state of California Department of Industrial Relations CC-0612821 / California Contractors State License Board 873327 and the city of Los Angeles 0002-110442-001-6

Additionally SunCoast technicians are individually licensed by the state of California and the city of Los Angeles.

All technicians are directly employed by SunCoast Elevator, as we never use 1099 subcontract labor.

With our primary background originating in the commercial elevator industry, a professional fit and finish to your project is assured.

SunCoast Elevator does not sell medical equipment, car lifts or other unrelated paraphernalia.  Our focus is to produce and install the highest quality home elevator for your residence.